Looking for some extra income? Why not help us out in your free time?

Sales Representative with Wexford Weekly

  • We need people to sell advertisements for our new featured sports paper which we aim to distribute throughout Wexford circa July 11.
  • We will offer you a commission based job- 20% of each sale!!!

You will find the businesses willing to advertise with us- we will send them a Paypal invoice- and once that is paid we will distribute your 20%. It’s as simple as that.

For chatty people with links, this will be absolutely simple but no experience is necessary.

Interested? Why not contact us– get our advertising rates and try your hat at it.

As mentioned, we aim to venture to print on July 11- but we cannot without advertisers….and writers….

Sports and Lifestyle Writers

  • No experience necessary- just a keen interest in Wexford sports/lifestyle and/or journalism.
  • Only match reports with a twist will be accepted.

Until July, we will have little-paid positions available for this role, but for the moment why not start writing on our online platform and show us why we should hire you in the coming months.

Are you a blogger getting little hits or views? Why not write on our web page and redirect it to your site while also being fully credited? It’s a win-win.

We can set anyone up with an online profile on our website to submit articles.

You don’t have to be a genius at writing to be opinionated about sports/lifestyle.

Contact us at if you would like us to set you up a profile.