Wex GAA Forum

Wexford GAA Forum- 2018 



12 Replies to “Wex GAA Forum”

  1. Ah, great idea lads. Here’s hoping the Wexford hurlers will go one step further this year and bring home a Leinster.


  2. I hear with Shaun Murphy’s absence Davy is trying both Kevin Foley and Paudie Foley as the sweeper. I think Rap’s Kevin Foley would be a great fit for the role, he has unreal distribution + a hurling brain, where lst year Shaun Murphy’s distribution was weak overall.


  3. K Foley as sweeper would be an interesting choice alright. He’s a classy, calm and effective hurler on the club scene with the Rapparees. Haven’t seen much of him on the Senior inter-county scene but definitely deserves a chance.


  4. Not happy with the performance against Carlow. Carlow down to 14 men for most of game. Reck was good, foley as sweeper ineffective positioning was all wrong, big players did not stand out. it is still only Jan but BIG improvements needed.


  5. That Cathal Dunbar transfer won’t go through. It can’t sure didn’t Brosnan get refused last year to go to Castletown when he was working and living there. Dunbar only about 10 mins away like


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