House Rules & T&C

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House Rules + Terms & Conditions:

  • The use of foul language is prohibited. Any users deemed to have used foul language will be banned from the site with immediate effect. We can engage in a healthy debate without using foul language. Swear words have been filtered and hidden in our comments section, so don’t waste your time as no one will see the comment.
  • Wexford Weekly possesses the right to delete comments on our website ( and any of the website’s associated URL’s, while we also possess the right to delete comments without explanation from any of our associated social media channels.
  • No bullying, no racism, no sexism – or any derogatory comments to, or about, other users or other people on the website, forum, or Wexford Weekly’s associated social media pages. Wexford Weekly will not tolerate this at all and you will be banned from immediate effect and you will stay banned.
  • Wexford Weekly does not hold any responsibility for comments made on the website, forum, or associated social media pages. The registered WordPress user holds full responsibility for comments displayed on the website/forum, while the registered Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (and/or any other future affiliated social media accounts) user holds full responsibility for comments made on Wexford Weekly’s associated social media pages.
  • Wexford Weekly preserves the right to delete non-topical comments. If the user continues to post off-topic comments, Wexford Weekly preserves the right to ban that user with immediate effect.
  • Users must respectfully follow our advertising policy to allow for an improved user-experience, therefore no advertising or subliminal advertising is allowed. Those interested in advertising with Wexford Weekly should check out our advertising rates here. Prosecutors attempting to advertise their products will be banned/deleted with immediate effect.
  • Submitted content for publication will go through an editorial stage. As the user accepts the GDPR prompt upon entrance to the website, Wexford Weekly holds the right to maintain emailed information, such as – but not limited to – emails, IP address, name, email address and contact information.
  • The user of the website accepts that a third-party platform, Google Ads, will obtain personal information and will use this for cookie tracking and advertising purposes. Users who do not accept this prompt, should not enter Wexford Weekly’s website.
  • An advertising platform, Google Ads, may place several ads across Wexford Weekly’s website. We do try our best to maintain the quality of these ads, however, sometimes this is out of our control. Therefore, Wexford Weekly does not hold responsibility for any damages/costs inflicted by any external links to other websites from this website.
  • Purchases made via our online shop in the ‘Products’ section are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.
  • Annual subscriptions purchased on our website are non-refundable. Data, such as email and name will be collected via a third-party app on this website, while all payments will be handled securely via Stripe. If you are encountering a problem with any paid subscription on Wexford Weekly, please contact us now.
  • All users should be 18 or over. Users aged under eighteen should first receive parental permission before registering/posting anything onto the online forum. Furthermore, users aged under 18 should receive parental permission before accessing this site and viewing the content on this site.
  • The user agrees to accept all of the above terms and conditions, and uses Wexford Weekly’s platform fully understanding these terms, conditions, and house rules.

Amendments to Terms:

Wexford Weekly preserves to right to change, add, or amend these terms and conditions. Wexford Weekly will place the updated time on the top of the article if these terms, conditions, and house rules are amended.

Please read the above terms and conditions carefully before using Wexford Weekly. By accessing Wexford Weekly, any of the linked pages or using any part of the website or any its content, product or services on the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions, in their entirety, then you may not access the website or use the content or any services on the website and should cease your use of Wexford Weekly immediately.

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