One Fans Gives Unique Thoughts On Round 2 Of The Wexford SHC

If Round 1 of the Wexford Senior Hurling Championship, had all the heady excitement and giddiness of the first day back at school, Round 2 was a bit of a damp squib in comparison.


Young Players To Look Out For In This Weekend’s Senior Hurling Championship

Can you recall the weekend of May 5th-7th 2017?  In case you’re struggling to remember what happened way back then, let me remind you that this was the weekend of the opening round of the Wexford Senior Hurling Championship. Now that Davy and the county hurlers are knocked out, attention turns to the Club Championship …

All Hurlers Are Equal But Some Hurlers Are More Equal Than Others.

In his novella ‘Animal Farm’, George Orwell could have been talking about hurling when he examined how power is a corruptive influence which ultimately leads to an acceptance that the more things change, the more they stay the same. While Davy is making sure we Chill the Beans in terms of the Senior Hurling team, …