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Rate Card for Display Advertising? 👀

Please note, you must purchase a minimum of 10,000 views*

Another Advertising Option: A Featured Article💥

Instead of a display advertisement, other businesses may desire more in-depth coverage. A sponsored article, which costs €70, is ideal for this. We could talk about your business, your products, where to find you, new deals, recruitment etc. This featured article will be shared, just as we share our other articles, onto our social media channels like Facebook & Twitter. You can decide exactly what’s placed into it and we can send you a private preview link to perfect it before it is published.

Additionally, this sponsored article will be pinned onto our website’s homepage for one full week from the time its published. This means that whenever anyone visits our website’s homepage, your featured article will be the first that they will see (Eg. ‘Remake Of Wexford’s 1996 All-Ireland Jersey Sells Out In Minutes’).

The above screenshot is an example of a pinned sponsored post. The article is stuck/pinned to the top of our homepage for one full-week and it is a unique mode of advertising.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Could you place this on your Facebook page please? 🤔

Yes, no problem. There is a fixed charge of €30 to use our service to advertise your product or to promote your event. This post would be placed once onto our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.

How banner/display advertising works? 🤔

Display ads are 300 x 250 ads that can be viewed within our articles and then clicked on. When clicked on, the user can be redirected to your website, a product, a Facebook page, or even a ticket selling page for example.

These display advertisements will be posted within the articles on our newly written content. A third-party app will be used to track views/impressions. A view will only be counted if the reader actually views your ad. A user-role will be created on the Wexford Weekly site for the advertiser. The advertiser will then be able to log-in and check the live reports (views and clicks) of their ad at any time.

The above screenshot is an example of a display/banner advertisement. These are our most popular advertisements.

Website stats? 🤔

We’ve made significant growth since our launch in May 2017.

2017 views ➡️8.3k3.7k 9.1k10.5k16.4k
2018 views ➡️41.5k28.3k37.8k44.1k45.4k
2019 views ➡️73.4k34k89k97.4k100.3k
2020 views ➡️127.7k177.5k133k125.7k73.3k

What devices are your website viewers using? 🤔

96% of our users use high-end mobile devices or tablets and 4% access our site via desktop. Our website is mobile-friendly. With this in mind, it is specifically designed for mobile users.

Can you make me an advertisement banner? 🤔

Yes, of course. Wexford Weekly can help create a basic advertisement for your business. We will be in constant contact with you until you’re happy with the design of the ad; the more detail provided, the easier for us! You are also welcome to submit your own professionally designed advertisement. We recommend dimensions of 900 x 750 for maximum viewability.

How are payments made? 🤔

Payments are simple. We can send you a secure invoice via email through Stripe. Other forms of payment such as PayPal, cheques & bank drafts are also accepted.

Why advertise with Wexford Weekly? 🔥

Are you questioning the wisdom of traditional print advertising to reach an audience, knowing full well that its audience is gradually decreasing by the day? Do you want to reach more people for much better value?

Regardless of the size of your budget or the length of your campaign, Wexford Weekly can cater for all your advertising needs! Wexford Weekly is Wexford’s number one sports, news, and entertainment website. Exclusively online, we are now consistently attracting over 100,000 website visits each month.

Launched in May 2017 by Gorey native Jason Redmond, Wexford Weekly has quickly established itself as a go-to source for local sports, news, entertainment, and information. Wexford Weekly also has a significant following across social media platforms including Facebook (19.5k followers), Twitter (5.5k followers) and more recently Instagram (1.2k followers). We are a growing brand; not just a website.

Who’ve you worked with before? 🤔

We have worked with businesses of all sizes, such as Betfair, DoneDeal, BoyleSports, NowTV, SportsDirect, MandMDirect, Sky Sports, SkyBet while we’ve also run local advertising campaigns for the Buffers Alley ShedFest, the Kilrush Barndance, Gorey Interior Doors, BCM Safety, Lenehans Taxi, Kirwan & Kirwan Solicitors and many, many more. Get in touch today to see how we can help you, by emailing

Check out some of the brands, businesses & events Wexford Weekly has previously worked with:

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