Online Advertising

Wexford Weekly are currently looking for advertisers to place on their new website and our futuristic tabloid sports paper.

This is a great advertising opportunity for local businesses, upcoming sporting events, health and fitness products/brands, nightlife, tourist destinations, summer camps and much more.

On the table below, you will find Wexford Weekly’s sponsorship package for the upcoming year of 2017.

Wexford Weekly ONLINE Sponsorship Package:

  Top of article (ALL) Mid-Article (ALL)
1 Month €20 €20
2 Months €35 €35
3 Months €50 €50
5 Months €75 €75

For information regarding advertising on our new tabloid that we are currently working on- email and we will get back to you ASAP.




How are payments made?

Payments are quick and simple. We will send you and invoice via email and payments can be made directly to through PayPal.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes- email us at and state which upgrade you would like and in turn we will send you another invoice if we require extra funds.

What happens after my example (5 Months) are up?

Your ad will be deleted from our web page. We will email you discuss whether you would like to take up another sponsorship package deal with us.

I want a refund…?

Refunds are non-transferrable. However, we hope we don’t have to enter a situation like that. Wexford Weekly will do its utmost best to promote the sponsor/business.

Can Wexford Weekly promote my business on their Facebook/Twitter page?

Yes- contact us Social media promotions are very important to attract customers today. We are open to talks regarding advertising on our cover page and in relation to Facebook post(s), or online offer(s). We have some great ideas that you may find interesting and beneficial for promotions.

Our Facebook page has over 10,700 likes while our Twitter page has over 2.6k followers and counting.

Point to note: The sponsors’ investment will be placed directly back into Wexford Weekly to gain more writers- which will, in turn, benefit your company/business even more. *


Contact us for more information: