Davy Fitzgerald: “Get Up There, Enjoy The Day And Let’s See What Happens…”

One week out from the Leinster hurling final, Wexford Senior Hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald was speaking to Liam Spratt on South East Radio’s Sports Hour on Saturday evening…

“This is different, this is a Leinster final – a different animal altogether. The most important thing though, is that we go up there and take it as a game against Kilkenny that we’re going to tear into and do our very best. We believe, if we play as good as we can, we’re in with a great shout. But, it’s very important here and around the county, let’s stop building castles, let’s just take the game for what it is. Go out, tear into it and support the team as good as you can.”

There’s a real excitement building throughout Wexford for the Leinster final, where they’ll face Kilkenny once again. After last weekend’s thrilling encounter in Wexford Park, there’s a lot of interest in next weekend’s match, and Fitzgerald will be hoping for a similar stellar performance:

“You couldn’t breath the last night in Wexford Park. It was like an arena, with Gladiators just taking one another on. I think we played very well in the circumstances – and the circumstances being that the middle third of the field was totally congested, and you couldn’t draw a breath inside there. Certainly, we can do different things with the ball, but you need a lot of space to do that, and that’s hard to come by.”

“The start will be important for us, we need to start well. I’m hoping the lads will embrace the 50 or 60 thousand that’s there, that’s very important. And no matter what, I just ask everyone that’s going up – get up there, enjoy the day and let’s see what happens. The less pressure we put on ourselves the better. Trust me, we’re not training just for the sake of training, we’re training to win. But, I think, we just need to be a bit smart about things.”

Worryingly however for Wexford fans, Davy Fitzgerald mentioned that the Wexford team have suffered a number of injuries, although he did not disclose any names or the extent of their injuries:

“We have picked up a few injuries, that I’m not going to talk about too much. We’ve had one since the game, and we’ve picked up another one. I think we’ll be down one or two lads. We’ll wait ’til closer to the time, give them every chance. But, we’ve lads waiting to come in and get an opportunity, so let’s see what happens”, he said to Liam Spratt of South East Radio.

Photo Credit: Nicola Reddy Photography