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Why You Should Choose Electric Scooters In Ireland

Electric scooters, alternatively known as e-scooters, have become very popular in recent years…

So much so that a number of manufacturers have already topped sales charts in many countries. Though these types of scooters are more common in some countries than in others, their widespread popularity can be attributed to the many unique benefits that they provide compared to other types of scooters or modes of personal transportation. 

With legislation in Ireland given the green light in government, the e scooter for adults in Ireland as a form of transport is set to explode. 

E-scooters are considered a symbol of modern transport, and they are already commonplace in many cities throughout the globe. Even though many people believe that the sudden increase in their popularity is good and justified, others still need some convincing. This article explores some of the top benefits of electric scooters. 

1. Portability

Did you know that e-scooters are the most portable electric-powered form of personal transport? Their level of portability can only be matched by folding bikes. While many people prefer assisted modes of transportation, they can be too technical or cumbersome to be practical. 

While electric cars and motorbikes are a great choice, you are required to have a license as well as insurance in order to operate them. Pushbikes (bicycles) are another option, however, you always need to leave them chained up to avoid them getting stolen. Besides, they are too big to be considered portable. 

On the other hand, e-scooters are lightweight and can be easily folded up, making them highly portable and easy to store. You can take your e-scooter almost everywhere you go as it can be packed in a suitcase. Once you get to where you need it, you’ll just have to unfold it and start riding. 

2. Low noise pollution

Crowded cities are usually incredibly noisy. The conventional means of transport including cars, buses, motorbikes, and trains produce high noise levels which makes moving around town far from peaceful. 

Electric scooters, though not completely silent, are much quieter than other means of transport and are able to quickly get you from one point to another. What’s more, you will be able to get home without having to wake up your neighbors, even when working late at night.  Something like a car or motorbike, especially certain models, is likely to get you angry noise complaints. 

3. Environment friendly

We can’t talk about the advantages of e-scooters without having to mention how eco-friendly they are. With everyone trying to be more environmentally conscious, there has been an increased need for eco-friendly products, which include modes of transport with minimal emissions. 

As far as eco-friendliness is concerned, e-scooters are some of the best options available. Besides having no emissions, e-scooters also consume very little power. 

4. Balance & Movement

Physical inactivity is one of the biggest health challenges facing modern society. Many people work jobs that involve spending extended hours sitting. What’s more, many of us either drive or take trains to and from work. Let’s not even get started on modern communication technology which allows one to socialize with others without having to step outside the house.

A sedentary lifestyle involves very little physical movement over long periods of time, which means that people don’t get enough physical exercise. However, by using an e-scooter for those smaller trips that you’d normally drive or use public transport, you will be able to get some form of physical exercise into your day. 

While an electric scooter shouldn’t be used as a replacement for your regular workout routine, using it helps to activate your core and boost your natural balance. This is much more beneficial and practical than sitting in a car or train. 

5. Safety

It goes without saying that all means of transport come with their fair share of risks. However, compared to other portable alternatives including hoverboards, bicycles, and rollerskates, electric scooters offer the highest level of safety. Unlike the other options, electric scooters allow you to quickly get off the device anytime you sense danger. 

Besides offering a higher level of safety, e-scooters help you to move quickly from one point to another while offering a fun experience. In addition, they provide you with great control that helps ensure that you feel safe while using them. 

6. Flexibility & Speed

E-scooters utilize advanced technology which gives them the capability to cover several miles with minimal effort. In addition, an e-scooter allows you to use cycle paths traffic-free lanes, which is very helpful in congested cities. 

These factors combined with others have made e-scooters a popular option in many cities, with a majority of governments encouraging people to consider using instead of cars. After years of development, e-scooters now almost resemble normal scooters only much lighter and practical. Given the speed and flexibility of these bikes, you are bound to appreciate them. 

7. Affordability  

Another amazing benefit of e-scooters is that they are really affordable. They are perhaps the least expensive means of commuting costing way less than a car, motorcycle, or mountain bike. 

Whether you are using a car or public transport, you will always incur some costs whenever you commute. Over time, these costs will add up to a substantial amount. 

On the other hand, with an e-scooter, you only have to incur the initial cost of purchase and very little battery charging costs. What’s more, they are much easier and cheaper to maintain as compared to a car. You’ll also be pleased to learn that most of the newer models come with a one-year warranty making them more economical. 

8. Less Licensing Requirements

You don’t require any special licensing or insurance to operate most e-scooter models, especially the smaller ones. This is because they have reasonably low speeds making them a more safe option to the more powerful gas-powered bikes and scooters. E-scooter licensing requirements are different in different countries so it is crucial to make sure that you comply with the local rules before riding one on your roads. Also, remember to wear all the necessary safety gear including helmets and reflective gear. This will help ensure that you are visible to other motorists and also protect you in case of an accident.

9. Increased Mobility for People with Health Complications

E-scooters have gained a lot of praise throughout the world as a result of the enhanced mobility that they provide to people with disabilities. People with health issues that prevent them from driving are using e-scooters as a replacement for cars. They are preferred over bikes since they don’t require any pedaling. Many people with disabilities aren’t able to walk and face many challenges when trying to use public transport. As a result, they prefer electric scooters due to their convenience and the health benefits that they provide. 

Top Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Electric Scooter:

Now that you’ve learned about the many benefits of electric scooters, you might be thinking about getting one for yourself. Benefits aside, it is important to ensure that you get something that specifically meets your needs. Here are some of the important things that you should consider when purchasing an e-scooter. 

Portability: If you are planning on bringing your electric scooter with you everywhere you go you need to go for a model that is lightweight and easy to fold up into a compact size. 

Where you will be using it: It is important to consider the type of roads or surfaces that you will be using your e-scooter on. For instance, go for a scooter with large wheels if you will be using the scooter on bumpy roads or uneven surfaces, on the other hand, if the roads/surfaces are smooth and paved, you can consider a scooter with small wheels. In case you are in an area that has hilly terrains, it will be wise to go for a scooter with a powerful motor to enable you to overcome those hills. 

Battery and Range: You should also consider the battery and range of the scooter. Keep in mind that range is affected by a variety of factors such as terrain, height, weight, topography, wind, and the frequency of stops per trip. all these factors will help you determine the battery size that you’ll need. 

Speed: This can be divided into the comfortable driving speed and the maximum cruising speed. Here, the focus is on the comfortable cruising speed as it isn’t advisable to use them at maximum speeds. 

Budget: Your budget will determine whether you will get the electric scooter that you want. The prices of e-scooters are based on the design, battery capacity, top speed, type of suspension, as wells as the number of extra features that come with the model.

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