Anger Locally As Two Wexford-Based AIB Stores To Go Cashless

Two Wexford-based AIB banks have decided to go cashless…

This is part of a nationwide roll-out by AIB, which has seen them turn 70 of their stores cashless.

AIB issued emails to their customers in Gorey and in New Ross on Tuesday morning.

“A review of our banking services has shown a steep decline of cash usage and cheque transactions. From 30 September, we will no longer offer cash and cheque services at the counter, or through machines inside the branch. This means we will not have notes, coins, cheques, foreign exchange, bank drafts; and will remove any drop safes and night safes. We will also remove the ATM outside this branch.”

The news has hit a nerve with many local customers, who will no longer be able to lodge or withdraw cash from their bank’s atm.

Since AIB made the decision, some Wexford Councillors have publicly come out against it and are encouraging the Irish bank to reverse their decision.

Gorey councillor, Andrew Bolger, had written to the CEO of AIB Banks, Colin Hunt, and then published his email on to to his social media channels.

Meanwhile, Cllr Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin stated that:

“Gorey AIB and 69 others to go totally cashless from this autumn. Gorey has been a good business town with a Credit Union, AIB, BofI and TSB-unusual for its size. Not just bad for many elderly people and those in remote areas, but represents another surge forward to the goal of a globalist cashless society where bankers and state authorities have even more control over your life. Not good.”

The decision will likely impact many Gorey and New Ross people.

The decision has generated a lot of anger online from constituents that will be impacted.

A cashless society will undoubtedly allow the banks and the government to have more control over any individual’s life, as the data will showcase exactly what the consumer is spending on.

Likewise, many have argued that our older generation has been forgotten about with this decision from AIB. Many do not use online banking and rely on cash to carry out their day-to-day duties.

Others have suggested that this appears to be the first step in their plan to turn completely cashless.

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