Men’s Team At Enniscorthy Hockey Club Defeat Monkstown

It was another great day for Enniscorthy Hockey as the men travelled up to Glenageary for an away fixture and their fourth game of Division 2…

Q1 tipped off and from the beginning EHC were under pressure. The lack of a match last weekend accompanied by having no full-pitch to train on, as HQ is still under development, was showing.

Q2 Enniscorthy warmed up to the task at hand and started playing ball. Key to this match was hard work and running, and more running, and more running again. EHC pressed hard, and eventually Robin Doyle scythed the Monkstown team open with a killer 50 yard pass which resulted in good team play to see Mark Stuart rattle the backboard.

Q3 brought some brilliant play from Monkstown, and eventually they pulled it back to 1-1 from a short corner. 5 minutes later however Enniscorthy responded after a surgical pass from the man of the match, Noah James, to older brother Cian Hogan who put it away.

Q4 brought nothing but hardship and short corners. Graham Hill made outstanding saves along with hard defending from all of our back four. Enniscorthy will be thinking they should’ve capitalized on more chances though.

However, 3 points away, the boys march on. Special thanks to Alan Smith for umpiring, great job as always. Key to today also was having George Smyth back on the sideline with his insight and instruction. EHC beat another good side today, placing them once again, top of the table where they aim to stay.

BR: Leo Durnan, Alex Symes, Cian Hogan (V.C.), Craig Symes, George Smyth, Robin Doyle, William Durnan, David Mulligan

FR: Mark Stuart, Craig Bailey, Josh Murphy, Harry Merton, Graham Hill (C.), Andrew Rothwell (V.C.), Seb Rynhart, Conor Wilson, Noah James.

Cian Hogan

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