Watch: Wexford locals share their views on refugees coming to Wexford town

There are many refugees and asylum seekers seeking refuge in Ireland…

Multiple Wexford locals were interviewed on the streets of Wexford town recently.

The video, which was uploaded by interviewer named the ‘Ordinary Irishman’, highlights some of the views from some of the Wexford interviewees.

Questions were asked after the Wexford People broke the news that two properties, the Slaney Manor and the Old Garda Station, were earmarked to be used as migrant centres.

The views were quite unanimous with most locals viewing it as a “disgrace” and that Irish people should be looked after first.

Others pointed out that if Irish people or locals are to disagree with the Government’s policy, they would be “labelled a racist.”

It also comes following a Red C poll carried out by the Business Post which highlighted that 75% of Irish people do not agree with Ireland’s policy, and that they think Ireland are taking in “too many refugees.”

While there are, of course, refugees seeking asylum who are fleeing from war or other atrocities, there are others that are coming in unvetted, with many describing them as “economic migrants.”

In Ireland, people are living amidst a housing crisis, a homelessness crisis, and a cost-of-living crisis. In the first five weeks of 2023, 4,500 refugees and asylum seekers have arrived in Ireland, according to the latest data from the Department of Justice. While Ireland continue to welcome migrants with open arms, there is a flock of young people immigrating from the country for a better quality of life; to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada in particular.

In the public video shared to YouTube, one man commented that:

“There’s rents that they can’t afford. There’s youngers living at home with their parents who can’t get a start in life at all. I mean, to say that it’s not possible for that to happen for our youngers, but it is possible – for shipped in, undocumented people – it’s all wrong,” he said.

Another woman in the video said:

“Irish people are the most loved people in the World. We are welcoming. We’d give you the last bit of bread in our mouths. But, when we feel that this bread is being taken from our mouths- and being prioritised in the mouths of others, that don’t have a claim to be here, or to be housed before us, it leaves a very bitter taste,” the woman said.

In a letter to the Commissioner for Human Rights Council of Europe dated on the 25 May 2023, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar stated that:

“I can assure you that Ireland will continue its whole of government approach to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and in particular, to sourcing all forms of suitable accommodation.”

Wexford Weekly
Wexford Weekly

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