The Top 5 Places To Chill Out Around The Wexford District For 2023

It’s always important to look after yourself…

If you’re looking for a place to chill out, then look no further than this article as we explore some of the best places for your mindfulness.

5) Ardcavan Beach

Ardcavan Beach is a fabulous little secret of Wexfordians. It is relatively unknown apart from locals and the more adventurous. It is thus a perfect spot on the shores of Wexford Harbour to find a spot for a bit of quiet relaxation. The whole bay stretches out in front of you with views up to Raven Point at Curracloe and towards Rosslare. On a sunny day, it is gorgeous for a chill out by the Estuary. The beach is located on the last bend before the Wexford wildfowl reserve. The beach was used as a location for Corner Boys’ song and video Morning Morning.

It is a really special little place, you’ll love it!

Location of car park 52.356441, 6.436812, the entrance to the beach is right beside you through the sandy gap onto Ardcavan Strand on Google Maps

4) Carnsore Point

Carnsore Point is a fantastic location to pan out on the grass on a lovely day and gaze out into endless seascapes. Looking far out to sea, you’re sure to lose yourself of any stress and simply focus on the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea meeting point.

The Saltees will be off to your right also for an added beautiful view.

There is a small bit of parking at Netherton Beach and you will then follow the road (seaside) and then onto the Wexford Coastal path in about 150 metres (fork of Wind turbine road and a small path to the left. Take the small left and follow it beside the seaside to the Carnsore Point memorial stone marked on Google Maps. The walk is lovely also walking beside the sea and then there is the option of walking on the beach beside Carnsore Point itself. All in all, it is a very enjoyable and relaxing area to hang out.

It was down as Sacred Cape on Ptolemy’s map for the Romans, so if it’s Sacred for the Romans, it’ll be a Sacred spot for your Mindfulness.

Location of car park 52.183135, – 6.358922 on Google maps

3) Forth Mountain 

There is a cutie of a location on Carrigfoyle Lake on Forth Mountain that you’ll adore. This spot is located on a little beach beside the Lake. Be sure to get there at a quiet time of day and in full sunlight to get the best out of your time lakeside.

It can be a nice quiet spot for a few minutes as I say, especially on weekdays. The lake is not the biggest but it has lovely gentle waters that really shine up on a nice sunny day. The backdrop of impressive rock formations and magnificent surroundings of a Native Scots Pine forest added to the Lake makes this spot absolutely stunning. It’s just a glorious location to sit back and enjoy. 

Follow the trail past the Hopper seen on Google maps, up the small zigzags and will be found vis my above location at the mini beach by the rock escarpment and Lake.

The car park is located at Carrigfoyle Lake Car Park on Google Maps.

2) Rosslare Strand 

Rosslare strand is so vast that you’re going to find a perfect spot just for you to sit down and take in the coastal vistas in front of you.

The sandy beach is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so comfy, it’s so clean, it’s so big, it’s so charming. The gentle sea waves coming onto the beach is so so nice and calming. Maybe take a bit of time to close your eyes and just listen to the waves. It’s the real deal, there’s a reason why people listen to soundtracks of waves to release themselves, but here in Wexford, we have it live! 

There’s something nice about looking across to Rosslare Harbour from Rosslare Strand too and watching the Ferries gradually enter or exit the Port. 

A walk on the beach after chilling out on the sand will make you feel great.

Rosslare Strand Car Park is located at 52.273115, 6.386203 (Village car park)

1) Ferrybank Beach

Ferrybank Beach is a beautiful little beach on the Ferrybank side of Wexford town.

The location makes it easily accessible across Wexford Bridge from Town. It is an amazing spot for Sunsets and a great chance to unwind in the evening. Park yourself on a nice beach towel and take in the beauty of your lovely Town, with its famous skyline of the Twin Churches, the Opera, Westgate Tower and St. Peter’s to be seen glistening in the sun on a gorgeous evening. The Slaney gently floats by adding to the scenic beauty.

Picture via Byron Jones

It’s just an amazing sight and it will delight you and get you in a good mood. Do be careful to get your tides right as a lot of the beach will be underwater at times. Once you have this sorted it will be a very good experience and it will calm you no end!

Location Ferrybank Bay beach on Google Maps.

Byron Jones

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