Too Many Saints On Tonight’s Team—Not Enough Sinners

Why you should be a shocking holy saint if you want to line out for Wexford…

The Battle of The Saints and The Sinners is an interesting one to consider and especially when it comes to Wexford’s starting fifteen that lines out in the u21 hurling championship opener against Offaly this evening in Wexford Park.

In the line-up for the first round, there are no less than 12 Saints included…

The first decision appears to have been how many sons of St. Martin can be placed on the field at the one time and on this occasion, the perfect number appears to be six!

The next task to be decided is which other saintly sons should be included…

…and it goes like this:

St Enda, also known as Naomh Eanna by the posh people of Gorey has two of his finest sons in the starting 15, namely the goalkeeper and the wing-back.

St Patrick, which is everyone’s favourite saint, only has one of his sons in the lineup.

St Brigid of Blackwater, who by all accounts is a strong independent woman wouldn’t settle for anything less than one of her sons being included in the starting fifteen too.

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Not to be outdone, St Anne of Rathnure made it known that at the very least, she should receive similar treatment to her friend Brigid.

St Mogue of Fethard, who never said very much at all was encouraged by the strength of the women and decided to chance his arm and ask for one of his sons to be included in the team. Low and behold, his request was granted and away he went to pray for the courage to ask for the inclusion of two sons the next day!

That’s twelve Saints already, meaning that there’s now only room for three sinners to be included…

As there were many sinners vying for the right to line out beside the much-loved saints, it was decided to draw lots and the lucky winners on this occasion were Realt Na Mara, Taghmon/Camross and Glynn/Barntown.

However, the sinners of Buffers Alley, Bunclody, Castletown, Cloughbawn, Crossabeg/Ballymurn, Faythe Harriers, Oulart The Ballagh, Oylegate/Glenbrien, The Rapparees, Rathgarogue/Cushinstown and The Shelmaliers may have to convert to sainthood if they want to get a look in!

Wouldn’t you much rather be a saint than a sinner?


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