Chin Hails Family For Their Crucial Role In His Hurling Performances

Everyone in hurling circles knows the name ‘Lee Chin’ these days…

The Wexford man has gained celebrity-like status in Ireland over the previous few years, mainly for his performances on the hurling field. Chin’s father, Voon For Chin, is of Malaysisan descent, and met Wexford woman Joanne Black in 1992.

Along came little Lee Chin, but little did people know, that he would become a giant in the hurling world. This year, Chin climbed up the steps of the Hogan Stand to lift the Bob O’Keeffe Cup alongside joint-captain Matt O’Hanlon.

The humble Faythe Harriers club man recognises that the those performances, that would evenutally lead to him receiving an All-Star award alongside Dee O’Keeffe, would not have been possible, without the support of his family, club and friends.

Speaking to The Irish Times at the launch of the New York Hurling Classic, the Wexford star hailed his family’s role, discussing their importance.

“My mother was dropping me to a bar to meet a couple of the club lads after the announcement that I had received an All Star and she was getting emotional in the car. People would know me for who I am now but for her, something like this reminds her of when I was a kid, climbing up door frames and stuff. It brought her back to those memories of when I was a kid and it’s funny that things like this can do that, you know…”

“She was mentioning it to me in the car that night, she just kept saying, ‘I’m so proud of you’ and I just wanted her to recognise how proud she should be of herself because there’s all those things that they do, as parents.”

“That’s what I’m talking about, it means so much for them and I was so happy for them because it’s just not possible without the parents, and the club, and it’s what I tried to get her to understand because she wasn’t seeing that side of it.”

“I run out on to the field and I play and this year I had performances that led to me getting an All Star. But it was what she was doing in the background for me to achieve that stuff and it wouldn’t have been possible without her. Sometimes they don’t see that stuff. I think this is why we had that moment,” he said, speaking to The Irish Times.

Chin and the Wexford hurlers will face Limerick in the semi-final clash of the New York Hurling Classic, which takes place this Saturday .

Pic via (leechin8, Instagram).

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