Wexford Working With Gardaí To Stop Incoming Visitors For May Bank Holiday

The May Bank Holiday is soon approaching…

With talks of restrictions easing on May 5th, complacency is starting to creep in.

The Wexford County Council are working with the Gardaí in the lead up to the May Bank Holiday weekend, which starts next weekend. The Wexford County Council will be using done footage of caravan parks and mobile homes. This footage will then be relayed to the Gardai if the Governemnent’s restrictions are not being adhered to.

Similar to the Easter break, the May Bank Holiday weekend is a time when visitors from across the country embark on a journey to the Sunny South East. A lot of these visitors stay in caravan parks, their mobile homes, or their private houses, and for all other times, these visitors are welcomed to Wexford with open arms.

The move comes after there was uproar across social media following videos and pictures of traffic heading towards Wexford for the Easter Break during a time when 2km restrictions were in place.

However, with the Coronavirus still ongoing, visitors are again being urged to stay away from Wexford as the Bank Holiday weekend quickly approaches.

The ease of restrictions could happen on May 5th, which is the Monday of the Bank Holiday weekend. To resume normal life sooner, we must continue to follow social distancing and adhere to the Government’s policies.

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