Socially Distanced #BlackLivesMatter Protest Planned For Gorey

Groups are gathering across the world to support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement…

It has now emerged that a Black Lives Matter protest is being planned for Gorey.

A recent Black Lives Matter protest in Dublin came in for some criticism due to the fact that the protesters were failing to adhere to social distance protocols amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The movement, which is being planned for Gorey for June 8th, will adhere to the social distance protocols set out by the Irish Government.

It is also worth noting that the organisers have set the date for June 8th in a bid to increase the numbers protesting. On June 8th, the Republic of Ireland are due to enter Phase 2 of the easing of the restrictions, allowing the public to travel up to 20km.

At the moment, the public are restricted to 5km but the increase would undoubtedly cater for an increased number of protesters from Gorey and its neighbouring communities.

As per social media posters, protesters are invited to join and support the movement outside the Gorey Library at 2pm, June 8th.

Another peaceful protest is being planned for the Wexford Quays at the same date and the same time.

The groups are using Instagram to promote the protest and to highlight the injustices facing black people. The Wexford branches’ Instagram accounts can be found at (@blacklivesmatterwexford) and (@blmgorey).

Some members of the public have expressed concern about the dangers of this protest during the Coronavirus pandemic.

At the time of writing, Wexford has one of the lowest number of coronavirus cases (216) in the Republic of Ireland and the county has not seen a new case in the previous twelve days.

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