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We Speak To The Three Wexford Lads Behind The “Paper Tuesdays” Podcast

Earlier this week, we caught up with the three Wexford lads behind the new Paper Tuesdays podcast…

Paper Tuesdays is a current news and affairs podcast but with a twist.

North Wexford natives Marc Halpin, Michael Dwyer, and Robbie Dunne never thought they would be doing something like this together.

Both Marc and Michael are the co-hosts of the Paper Tuesdays podcast, while Robbie is the producer, who works in the background, editing the podcast and producing promotional material each week.

The story behind Paper Tuesdays:

The Paper Tuesdays story is one of intrigue. The idea behind Paper Tuesdays comes from their school days at Gorey Community School.

Michael would investigate the local newspapers such as the Gorey Guardian and the Echo. Then, he would put his own comedic twist on the local news stories:

Marc: “It came about during secondary school, Michael had a few things going on and I suppose with the pressures of the Leaving Cert, like, you need some form of escape! Most people would go jogging or buy a playstation or something but…”

Michael: “Yeah, no- I would go through newspapers that were lying around the house and put articles (that I thought were funny anyway) on Snapchat along with my own little commentary on them. It was really harmless stuff like but it was a great outlet, looking back on it.”

In 2020, the concept of combining craic, community, and digital media was reborn after they re-launched Paper Tuesdays, but this time, in the form of a podcast.

Marc: “Fast forward six years then and I was living in the Australian Outback and Michael was probably my only source of regular sh*te talk.”

“I had mentioned about starting a podcast and then one day I got a text from Michael saying he had gotten someone to record and edit the podcast for us and I was thinking “Jaysus, I thought we were only joking about this like.”

Michael: “Yeah, it came together so quickly aswell! Robbie Dunne, our producer, who used to sit beside me in Maths class actually, was very excited about the idea and was a great asset to have when we were setting ourselves up.”

The aim of Paper Tuesdays:

Michael: “I think, like a lot of young people in Ireland, we’re figuring out that a lot of things we may have been sold as children or teenagers aren’t really what they’re cracked up to be.”

Marc: “Yeah, but we don’t want to start recording every week and just shout about all the wrong in the world and sit back and go yeah that was class. I think comedy is a huge part of the Irish culture and it plays a huge role in the show. We do want to have the craic.”

Michael: “I think we’d like Paper Tuesdays to become a place where intelligent conversation and caveman humour can live next door to each other.”

Marc: “Yeah, exactly!”

Their favourite guest:

The lads have had an array of guests on the show to date. At the time of writing, they’ve aired 40 Episodes. Naturally, we asked who their favourite guest was:

Michael: “Ooooooh, that’s a tough one.”

Marc: “Yeah that’s like asking which of our Mothers makes the best cup of tea.”

Michael: “The range in the guests has been unbelievable though. We’ve had a Monk, a Psychiatrist, a Jiu jitsu expert, a musician…”

Marc: “Basically, a standard Junior B team.”

Michael: “And it’s different every time. Some people want to have the craic and others sit down and you just know you’re going to have a really deep conversation with this person. It’s great.”

Marc: “And there is great value in both. Its becoming a great community aswell though. It’s nice to be making something and see that the people who are looking at it are actually sound.”

Michael: “Absolutely.”

A reason to listen:

When we asked the Wexford lads why someone should listen to their podcast, Michael put it excellently: “Hmmm. If you’re looking to find yourself or lose yourself, Paper Tuesdays offers a little bit of both for you.” Marc agreed, with a simple “Sin é.”

To hear more, you can find the Paper Tuesdays Podcast on Instagram, on Facebook, on Spotify, or on all your usual Podcast platforms.

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