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Money Robbed From Strawberry Hut In Wexford

Money has been robbed from a strawberry hut in Wexford..

Conor Goucher, a young Wexford man, was forced to shut up shop for a time today (Thursday) after money was robbed from his strawberry hut.

The eleven year-old Wexford boy will be re-opening his hut tomorrow in Wexford. The hut is based just over the bridge at the Ferrybank area of Wexford.

One commenter on social media stated that:

“(Someone) has robbed a young child of a good sum of money! They had it all planned. One got out and called the child to the outside table, and the other jumped out of the jeep and took the money from his hut,” she said.

Some members of the public have suggested setting up a GoFundMe for the young Wexford man to cover his losses, while some businesses, including Total Energy Plumbing and Heating in Wexford, have agreed to donate too.

He will be re-opening again tomorrow from 10:00am to 5:00pm, and he stocks Screen potatoes and deliciously fresh Wexford strawberries.

A Garda investigation is currently underway and nearby cameras are being checked.

The public are encouraged to contact the Castlebridge Garda station on (053) 915 9221 with any information. It is believed that the jeep involved in the robbery of the young Wexford man was a 06 Blue Hyundai.

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