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Deputy Mythen Calls On Minister For Health To Urgently Intervene In Worsening Wexford Situation

A Sinn Fein TD for Wexford has called on the Minister for Health to help an unacceptable situation in Wexford…

Sinn Féin TD for Wexford Deputy Johnny Mythen has called on the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, to equip the HSE in Co. Wexford to deal with extensive waiting lists for dental treatments that require general anaesthesia.

Deputy Mythen said:

“Earlier this week I received a reply to a representation I had made on behalf of a constituent, where the HSE advised that at present the waiting time for general anaesthesia in Wexford when required for dental treatments is in excess of 3 years.

“Anaesthesia is used by Dental practitioners when treating children and individuals with special needs, where other options are insufficient.”

“These are situations where children and adults are in a lot of pain. This pain may affect their ability to eat, sleep and talk.”

“It is inexcusable that they would be then left in this state due to the inability of the HSE to provide timely treatment and care.”

Deputy Mythen noted that three years is unacceptable and he is calling on the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, to intervene:

“Three years is an outrageous length of time to leave children and adults with special needs waiting. Families are very upset and distraught over having to wait for such a length of time for this dental service while watching their loved one suffer.”

“I have written to the Minister to highlight this case and I’m asking that he intervene in this situation. I expect a response from the Minister urgently. This cannot be allowed to continue.”

Hopefully this dire dental situation can be fixed sooner rather than later as there are many Wexford families affected by this.

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