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Lotto Numbers For Tonight’s Must-Win Lotto Revealed

After months of controversy, the Irish lotto had to be won tonight…

It sparked a huge interest in tonight’s lotto, with queues for tickets reported in some shops across the county.

The Numbers for tonight’s ‘Must-Win’ 19 million euro Lotto draw are as follows:

The winning Lotto numbers are 16, 9, 40, 30, 2, 37 and bonus 23.

The winning Lotto Plus 1 numbers are 41, 5, 16, 9, 33, 27 and bonus 12.

The winning Lotto Plus 2 numbers are 44, 23, 19, 11, 26, 6 and bonus 16.

From tonight’s draw, one winner has scooped the 19+ million euro jackpot.

Wexford people have been quite lucky in the lotto in recent times, so here’s hoping for a Wexford winner!

There was such an interest in this evening’s lotto that the Irish Lottery website had went down with a 404 error for ‘high-maintainence’ due to the volume of visitors onto the site. After the draw, the Irish Lotto mobile app also could not be accessed for the same reason.

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