Wexford’s director of hurling says Wexford’s hurling championship is “not ideal”

Wexford’s Director of Hurling, Niall Williams, was the most recent guest on The Wexford Hurling Podcast…

The Wexford Hurling Podcast which is hosted by Garry Doran and Ben Bernie sat down to discuss all-things Wexford hurling with Williams recently.

One question they posed to Williams was regarding the structure of the Wexford Senior Hurling Championship, which sees teams play a group-stage round-robin over 6 weeks. Then, the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals will be played over the next weeks.

While it is okay for some clubs, for others it could mean that the hurling championship is too condensed and that they could be out of the championship after four or five weeks.

For example, Wexford club hurling supporters will not have the opportunity to see Lee Chin play anymore in this year’s championship, any Faythe Harriers players, while Oulart-The Ballagh has played their last game too.

Speaking to The Wexford Hurling Podcast, Williams said:

“Personally, I definitely don’t think that if you’re an adult club player, it’s not ideal. You have a team gone out of the championship this weekend. For instance, the Faythe Harriers finished in 5th place. They potentially do not have another adult fixture until mid-march, Paddy’s Weekend, which is generally when the League starts in Wexford. That’s the guts of 30 weeks where those guys don’t have the opportunity to play. I definitely don’t think it’s ideal. Do I have the solution? I don’t.”

“Definitely the fixtures programme and when November comes, I think it’s something that needs to be looked at. Those lads definitely aren’t playing enough hurling. I think the Rugby World Cup would potentially go on for longer than the Wexford Championship. It’s not ideal – but if we can look to enhance it, extend it, and get more hurling in the county – and more appetite – for every League game to be a big game – that can only enhance the game. I think it’s a great opportunity for the lads to develop because the county lads could be back.”

“I personally would like to see a change. I’d love it if we were able to find a solution to lit,” Williams said to The Wexford Hurling Podcast.

The full Wexford Hurling Podcast can be listened to below by clicking the ‘Listen in Browser’ button:

Wexford Weekly
Wexford Weekly

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