The 2018/19 Leinster Club Hurling And Football Draws Were Made This Evening

The draws for the Leinster club Senior, Intermediate and Junior football and hurling championships took place this evening.



2018 Leinster Club Senior Football Championship:

First round
Wexford v Meath
Westmeath v Kildare
Wicklow v Offaly

Wexford or Meath v Dublin
Westmeath or Kildare v Laois
Wicklow or Offaly v Longford
Louth v Carlow

Wexford or Meath or Dublin v Westmeath or Kildare or Laois
Wicklow or Offaly or Longford v Louth or Carlow

2018 Leinster club IFC:

First round
Offaly v Wicklow
Wexford v Kilkenny
Kildare v Westmeath
Louth v Meath

Offaly or Wicklow v Carlow
Wexford or Kilkenny v Longford
Kildare or Westmeath v Dublin
Louth or Meath v Laois

Offaly or Wicklow or Carlow v Wexford or Kilkenny or Longford
Kildare or Westmeath or Dublin  v Louth or Meath or Laois

2018 Leinster club JFC:

First round
Wexford v Kilkenny
Westmeath v Louth
Wicklow v Kildare
Offaly v Meath
Europe v Dublin

Wexford or Kilkenny v Longford
Westmeath or Louth v Laois
Wicklow or Kildare v Carlow
Offaly or Meath v Europe or Dublin

Wexford or Kilkenny or Longford v Westmeath or Louth or Laois
Wicklow or Kildare or Carlow v Offaly or Meath or Europe or Dublin



2018 Leinster Club Senior Hurling Championship:

Dublin v Westmeath
Offaly v Carlow
Laois v Wexford

Dublin or Westmeath v Offaly or Carlow
Laois or Wexford v Kilkenny

2018 Leinster club IHC:

Wexford v Meath
Kilkenny v Kildare
Wicklow v Laois
Dublin v Offaly

Wexford or Meath v Kilkenny or Kildare
Wicklow or Laois v Dublin or Offaly

2018 Leinster club JHC:

First round
Louth v Kildare
Dublin v Laois
Offaly v Meath
Wicklow v Longford

Louth or Kildare v Kilkenny
Dublin or Laois v Carlow
Offaly or Meath v Westmeath
Wicklow or Longford v Wexford

Louth or Kildare or Kilkenny v Dublin or Laois or Carlow
Offaly or Meath or Westmeath v Wicklow or Longford or Wexford