Gorey Hotels Have Been Providing 130 Free Meals Daily To Vulnerable Locals Since Pandemic

The pandemic has brought out the best in a lot of people…

One business who has been oozing in class since the pandemic started is the Redmond Hotel Group. The Ashdown Park Hotel & Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey have been providing 130 free meals daily to vulnerable locals.

The idea emerged from locals Michael Dwyer and Deasún Griffin, who set up the Gorey Community Support Group at the start of the pandemic.

The group has linked volunteers from GAA clubs and local activists with businesses willing to help the public during a time of need. During the evenings, local volunteers can be seen walking into houses with plates of hot food for the elderly and for the most vulnerable, where a social distance chat is often had too.

Their services extend beyond the town too – and deliveries are being made all across Gorey’s local district.

If you’re looking for a definition of community spirit, there it is.

Once the pandemic is over and the hotels re-open for business, remember to check out the Ashdown Park Hotel and the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey, along with all other businesses who helped out during the pandemic.

Selfless gestures like this do not go unnoticed.

6 Replies to “Gorey Hotels Have Been Providing 130 Free Meals Daily To Vulnerable Locals Since Pandemic”

  1. This is an amazing service for all of our elderly and vulnerable who can’t look after themselves well done to Ashdown and Amber Springs I know I will definitely be supporting you both more in the future. 👏👏👏

  2. How do you go about getting on the list for this lockdown myself and my husband would be delighted to be included kind regards

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