Young Wexford Boy Receives Letter From Legendary Presenter David Attenborough

A young Wexford native has received a letter from a legendary presenter…

It’s not everyday that a Wexford native receives something in the post from someone of celebrity-like status.

Legendary nature presenter and historian David Attenborough sent young Danny Quigley of Rathnure a letter of thanks after Danny sent him a letter and a card to celebrate Attenborough’s 94th birthday.

Within the letter addressed to Danny, Attenborough said: ‘Dear Danny, Thank you very much for your letter and birthday wishes. I am glad that you enjoy watching my programmes’ and you can check it out, along with Danny’s delight, below:

Speaking to Wexford Weekly, his father Damian said that “Danny sent him a letter and a birthday card for his 94th birthday. Danny loves his programs. We were very surprised he replied and fair play to him.”

It was a small gesture by Attenborough, but it was a classy one that was sure to make Danny’s day.

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