Over 4,000 People Sign Petition To Keep 1798 Rebellion Centre

News emerged this week that the 1798 rebellion centre could soon be sold, pending a decision by Wexford’s County Council..

An online petition, set up by Colum O’Rourke, has now surpassed over 4,000 signatures from concerned individuals across the community.

”The building cost £3 million, out of which £1.6 million was invested by the EU. The remainder was paid for by donations and voluntary contributions from the people all across Wexford. This building was enthusiastically financed for a reason by a people passionate about the Rebellion. This centre belongs to the people,” the petition highlights.

It was highlighted via South East Radio that the National 1798 Rebillion centre would be turned into a visitor centre in memory of Eileen Gray.

Born one hundred years after the historic rebellion, Gray was an Enniscorthy woman who played a central role in the modern architectural movement.

The petition noted that this was “preposterous” and rhetorically questioned which is more important to commemorate; a designer, or those who lost their lives in one of Enniscorthy’s – and Wexford’s – most historic battles.

Some local councillors and TD’s have also raised concerns, with most highlighting the need for reassurances on where the 1798 centre would be moved to, should an agreement for its sale be finalised.

To check out the online petition to ‘Save the 1798 Rebellion centre’, click here.

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2 Replies to “Over 4,000 People Sign Petition To Keep 1798 Rebellion Centre”

  1. Whose preposterous idea was it to sell off the Centre? It looks like an April Fools’ joke except unfortunately it is true. I cannot understand how this has come about.

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