1996 Wexford All-Ireland Winning Team Will Be Honoured This Weekend

Wexford’s 1996 All-Ireland winning team will be honoured after all..

Usually, to celebrate the jubilee All-Ireland hurling team, the winning team would be welcomed to Croke Park on All-Ireland final day prior to the final.

They would be welcomed onto the pitch, usually prior to the game or at half-time.

Unfortunately, the Wexford 1996 All-Ireland winning team were not celebrated in the usual fashion at the 2021 All-Ireland hurling final between Limerick and Cork.

Although the full team were not there, the 1996 jubilee team were represented by Martin Storey as he brought out the Liam McCarthy cup, the cup that he once held, onto the hollowed land of Croke Park before the All-Ireland final.

The GAA stated that this was due to Covid-19 restrictions, even though 40,000 spectators were allowed to attend the event.

It was a strange call by the GAA, but they stated that they would be officially honoured and celebrated at a later date.

Locally, Wexford GAA have announced that the jubilee team of 1996 will be honoured ahead of this weekend’s Wexford Senior Hurling County Final.

The two teams that will compete in this year’s Pettit’s Senior Hurling Final will be St Annes and the Rapparees.

It’s worth noting that this weekend’s final will also be broadcasted live on TV.

As I’m sure we all can agree, it’s great to be able to honour the legends of 1996 who gave the Wexford hurling supporters so much joy and memories that will last a lifetime.

With many tuning in to the Wexford County Hurling final on national free-to-air TV this weekend, it will be a fitting occasion to honour the 1996 All-Ireland winning team.

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