Irish Hauliers Group Share Plans To Block Motorways In Strike Against Rising Fuel Prices

There’s no doubt that the prices for diesel and petrol are ridiculous at the moment…

While the current cost of fuel is hitting the every day driver, other groups such as business owners and workers in the transport industry are really feeling the effects of “extortionate fuel prices.”

Some of those groups include the Irish hauliers and truckers.

A group representing Irish hauliers has threatened to block “all cities, ports and motorways” in a day of action.

It is envisaged that many involved in transport industry will be going on strike on November 24th. In a Facebook post, the association has called on “all hauliers, couriers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and farmers to join and make our voice be heard”.

A representative from the Irish Truckers & Haulage Association Against Fuel Prices, which is promoting itself on Facebook, has said a planned protest over rising operating costs is happening “no matter what.”

In an interview with RED FM on the Neil Prendeville Show, a representative from the group stated that this protest will “put the general public out of their way for the day.”

Motorways could be blocked while people are trying to go to work, many may not be able to get a taxi or a bus, and there will be a delay in goods and services reaching their destination. Although the protest will inevitably put people out of their way, the association can see the benefits. According to one representative from the group, the fuel prices are effecting everybody right now and they believe that “enough is enough.”

The protest is being planned for Wednesday, the 24th of November.

Plans for the upcoming protest this Wednesday, the 24th of November, have now been shared onto the organiser’s social media channels and it appears that there is a lot of support behind it too.

If the protest gathers the same amount of traction on the day that it has received online, many people who are driving to work in and out of Dublin should expect disruption this Wednesday.

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