Watch: Freeman’s Of Oylegate Kick Gemma O’Doherty Off Their Property

The staff at Freeman’s in Oylegate kicked Gemma O’Doherty off their property recently…

A video has now surfaced online of the incident.

An unmasked O’Doherty entered the shop in Wexford. While videoing her experience in the shop, she then gave the manager and shop assistants “legal notices.”

O’Doherty claims that she will be taking legal action against the shop for allegedly “breaking the law.”

In response to receiving the “legal papers” from O’Doherty, one member of staff ripped up the papers in front of her. The same member of staff then asked if she would “like her rubbish back” before a number of people all stood at the doors of the shop premises in Oylegate, Co. Wexford.

Many people online have since offered their support to Freeman’s of Oylegate, with one person noting that “I know the staff at Gala in Oylegate, nicer people, you couldn’t meet.”

Watch the video below:

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