Malachy Travers Thinks Wexford Were Over-Anxious Against Dublin

Former Wexford hurler Malachy Travers was this week’s guest on The Wexford Hurling Podcast alongside former Dublin hurler, Ryan O’Dwyer…

Speaking on The Wexford Hurling podcast, Travers said:

“The frustration is there. That was patterned throughout the game. Wexford were over-anxious. A bit like with their shooting, they were over-anxious to let the shot off. They didn’t really seem to have that composure to steady the ship a little and to keep chipping away.

“It’s funny at the end of the game, they looked like they’d get over the line. A couple of years ago, under Davy Fitzgerald, they were so structured, they’d get over the line. They’re just not doing that anymore,” Travers said.

Travers was also somewhat critical of the manager’s game-plan and particularly, Wexford’s defensive set-up, echoing similar comments from Martin Storey.

“There was a lot of expectation on the game. I thought Wexford would have won the game well; I thought it was ordinary looking Dublin team.”

“That was effectively a qualifier; we set up quite defensively, and too edgy. I don’t know if we approached it, the style of game, playing into the traffic and danger. It didn’t allow us to get a foothold or a purple patch where we really got hold of the game. The way Wexford played, really played into Dublin’s hands,” Travers said.

Interestingly, which has gone somewhat under the radar, is the fact that Eoghan O’Donnell was not tested after he received a yellow-card early on in the game. Travers stated that Rory O’Connor should have been placed on him and took him on every time to test him, similar to last year in Wexford Park when Cian O’Callaghan received his marching orders.

Wexford will now need two wins from two in their last two games. They’ll take on Westmeath in the next round and they’ll then be against Kilkenny in the final game, both of which are at home.

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