Electric taxis and community owned solar energy proposed in new report for Enniscorthy

The introduction of electric taxis and community based solar energy was proposed in
a new report on climate change focused development at local level, published by TASC, the economic and social think-thank on Thursday…

The report entitled “The People’s Transition: Enniscorthy – Implementation of
community led development of Climate Justice” is the first of 30 studies to be
produced on communities throughout Ireland as part of a three year programme
supported by AIB.

Based on surveys and focus groups involving over 140 residents in Enniscorthy,
carried out between last November and February, the Report identifies the need for
concerted action to address flooding and transport issues in the town and to give
local people and communities ownership of the transition to a greener economy.

Kieran Harrahill, author of the Report, says that the stark lack of mobility
options in the town greatly impacts the local economy and people’s ability to
access services.

“The idea of an Electric Vehicle taxi co-op presented in this report, could both
address this issue and help to create additional jobs within the community.”

Community-owned solar energy would help reduce dependence on fossil fuel
energy, he says

“Enniscorthy town centre is unique in that almost half of its houses were built pre-1945 and up to 30% of homes rely on coal for heating. Community-owned energy could help improve air quality and address energy poverty with an added outcome of providing income to invest back into community facilities.”

Development of both electric taxis and community based solar energy will require
dedicated resources and support from both local government and national level, but is vital if we are to transition quickly and effectively to a zero carbon society, he adds.

Rita Martin, CEO of Green Tech HQ Global Innovation Hub, said:

“These proposals are far from academic. Enniscorthy has suffered two serious floods, including on the Main St, over the past decade, while the hilly nature of the town requires significant mobility initiatives to support older and vulnerable people and assist businesses development generally.”

Speaking to Wexford Weekly, Kieran Harrahill added:

“If climate action is to be enduring, it must be inclusive and equitable by ensuring that the burdens and benefits are shared throughout society. The lack of sustainable employment opportunities, amenities and community wealth identified in the Report, alongside the perception that Enniscorthy has been long overlooked by decision-makers at a local and national level, requires an urgent response.”

The People’s Transition for Enniscorthy Report was launched in the new
Green Tech HQ Global Innovation Hub in Enniscorthy Technology Park on
Thursday, 29th of June.

Wexford Weekly
Wexford Weekly

This article was published by a member of the Wexford Weekly team.

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