Interview: A coffee and a chat with the owner of Murf’s coffee pod, Wexford’s newest coffee business

Wexford Weekly columnist, Luke Bradley (left) with owner of Murf’s coffee pod, Donal Murphy (right).

A Wexford Weekly columnist recently stopped by Wexford’s newest coffee pod, Murf’s, for a hot cup of coffee and a chat with its owner, Donal Murphy… 

A new player has just entered Wexford’s coffee scene in the form of Murf’s coffee pod, a brand-new business operating out of Pairc Garman. 

The coffee pod is the brainchild of Donal Murphy. Murphy is well known in the Wexford bar scene, notably for his tenure as Assistant Manager in the Crown Bar. After five years in this position, Murphy decided to step away from bar work. Now, he is back in hospitality in a new way. I was recently able to catch up with Murphy at Murf’s coffee pod to find out more about his transition from pints to coffees.   

‘I’ve always wanted to do coffees. It’s always a thing I’ve been into. I like serving people. I’m back behind the counter again where I’m happy. Coffee is something I’m passionate about.’

Murphy insists that the establishment of Murf’s would not have been possible without the support of St John’s Volunteers GAA Club. 

‘They connected me up to electricity, got me commission for this site and gave (it) rent-free, basically, for the first year. I don’t need a licence to be here. If I went out on the road, I’d need a trader’s licence.’   

The location of Murf’s coffee pod may be out of the way for some, but for many, it is an ideal spot. Being outside the town centre allows for passing motorists to stop in without getting caught in traffic. 

‘It’s a good quick break for them. No traffic, no parking problems. Just jump in, jump out and go. Coffee and go.’

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It is also an excellent addition to the grounds of the GAA Club, where business booms in the evening time when matches are held. Murphy already has plans for the future of Murf’s, which includes a possible drive-thru style set-up for the winter months. 

‘One of our main ideas is an outdoor cafe. Annika, my wife, is from Finland and outdoor cafes are huge in Finland and they’re basically there nearly all year round. I think it’s a good idea.’

Murf’s coffee pod is also a proud participant in Healthy Wexford’s ‘Happy to Chat’ initiative. The initiative, sponsored by Wexford County Council, places ‘Happy to Chat’ benches around the county. The benches are marked with a sign ‘I’m happy to chat! Sit here if you would like to talk’ and aim to reduce isolation and loneliness. 

‘We’re big into that. It’s an initiative from Healthy Wexford. So, if anyone wants to come and sit there and just have a chat, they’re more than welcome.’

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‘Happy to Chat’ bench at Murf’s coffee pod.

For more information about Murf’s coffee pod, you can find their Facebook page here.

Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley

Luke is a student and a lover of all things Wexford. His favourite topics include Wexford history, entertainment and local events. 

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