Interview: We speak to Justin Codd ahead of his Photography Exhibition in Enniscorthy

A Wexford native will be hosting a solo photography exhibition in Enniscorthy soon…

Justin Codd’s photography exhibition will take place in The Castle in Enniscorthy, starting in on 18th November at 2pm – and then running through Christmas.

The exhibition documents “Our Town – Enniscorthy” and is a snapshot of the town as it is now in 2023. It is intended to be a visual archive of the streets, to be stored for future generations to look back on. 

We caught up with Justin to discuss his inspiration behind the exhibition and some of his favourite pieces that will be on show during the exhibition.

To host an exhibition, a love of photography had to be born somewhere, but Justin highlights that he always had an interest in the art.

“I’ve always had an interest in photography, but lacked the time to study it properly. My sister is a photographer, and I remember being in her home studio dark room growing up as she developed medium format film in the late 90s. Digital photography wasn’t a mainstream thing back then, so most photography would still have been analogue.”

“There was an entire process to it that has been largely lost in more recent years, especially since everyone now has a camera phone in their pockets. I borrowed one of her professional digital cameras during the first Covid lockdown and since then I’ve made more time to pursue photography as a hobby,” he said.

The exhibition itself will be a solo exhibition of Justin’s work, but with a love of the art form, he had a lot of pieces to choose from:

“The exhibition is a solo exhibition and will cover 2 rooms of the Castle in Enniscorthy. The photos were all taken in 2023 over 12 different Sunday Mornings between June and October. I’ve accumulated well over a thousand images in that time, so plenty to choose from to fill a solo exhibition.”

While Justin does have some personal favourites, he insists that there will be something there for everyone to relate to and to enjoy:

“The Exhibition consists of 60 main photos that I have selected as personal favourites along with the help of my wife Kathryn and my brother and sisters. Some will be displayed as single shots, while others will be grouped together in sets. The style of all the images is quite similar – simplistic. I didn’t want the images to be overly complicated. There are a couple of shots taken from the quay between the two bridges that I think work well.”

“There is a wide angle image of Market Square too that I like. Also, the photos of the post office and the red brick of the building. I’m confident that there’ll be something within the exhibition that will call out to everyone. 90% of the subjects in the images will be recognisable instantly. The other 10% I hope will leave the viewers thinking,” Justin said.

For more information about the exhibition, you can check out Justin’s Instagram profile.

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Wexford Weekly

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