Wexford man shares story about his recent arrest by Taliban while travelling in Afghanistan

A Wexford man recently got himself into a lot of bother while travelling abroad…

Travel enthusiast, Dylan Goodison from Wexford town, admittedly gets a thrill from travelling to countries off the beaten track as he “roams the globe in pursuit of mad adventures and unforgettable moments,” as per his own Instagram bio.

And though he may get a thrill from obscure adventures, very few things could have prepared him for the next events that would unfold.

Dylan arrived in Afghanistan on October 8th and he travelled the country, meeting new people, and exploring the country on his newest and maddest adventure.

In his story, the Wexford native explains how the Taliban were looking for him, unbeknownst to him. And after a while, they found him. They arrested him, took him away in a truck, before blindfolding him and bringing him to a dark “complex.”

“They’re ignoring me and I am continuing to be led. I just keep staring straight at my feet. My blindfold is being unravelled now. I look up. I’m in a block of jail cells. Fuck. It is a wide corridor, with metal cell doors on both sides. There is some English writing on the doors, “Cell number xx”. “Well, here we are”, I think to myself. “This is actually happening. Taliban prison,” he describes in the story he published online.

After that came a lot of interrogation from multiple people involved in the Taliban including the Head of Intelligence. The started to question why he was in Afghanistan, if he was part of the Irish military, or if he was part of NATO.

Luckily for Dylan, the Taliban police did let him go after placing him in a cell for two days.

He was seeking an experience – and he did get it, but he can also count his lucky stars given that his contact was cut from the outside world, that he was travelling solo, and that he was in the middle of a Taliban cell, in a largely non-English speaking country.

This article hopes to give a brief insight, but there’s no doubt that the full, excellently written and descriptive story, would give more justice to this.

The full story can be read here via Google Docs. It takes approximately 40 minutes to read, but it really is one hell of a story.

Alternatively, you can watch Dylan narrating his story here via YouTube.

As he typically does, Dylan, also known as ‘Goody’, turned to his Instagram account to share what he believed was “his best ever story” and definitely “one to tell the Grandkids.”

For more about Dylan’s next crazy adventures, check out adventures_of_goody on Instagram.

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