Interview: We speak to the Wexford lads behind their newly-released podcast ‘Happy Hour with C and D’

There are plenty of podcasts knocking around these days…

But, that’s not stopping Wexford lads, both Kennett Byrne and Darren Meaney from joining in on the fun.

On Sunday, we caught up with the hosts behind the new podcast ‘Happy Hour with C and D’ to discuss their motivation behind it, their future plans, and why listeners should tune in.

With every new venture, it has to start somewhere. Interestingly, the inspiration behind the podcast came from other people, and it wasn’t their sole idea:

“It was something in passing that people had mentioned we would be good at. We didn’t really believe it for a while, but it kept cropping up so we thought everyone was either a grand shower of lying b*****ds or they were being serious. We both said during Covid-19 when we had became ”avid hikers” that we would start, but then life took over and we kept putting it off. Until, one day D himself just went and order mics and here we are,” Kennett said.

When Darren purchased the mics, the idea soon became a reality. Now, they are into their eleventh episode and they are continuing to enjoy the process:

“It’s been an incredible bit of fun. We know everyone has that friendship where they have that one or two friends who send each other useless senseless garbage over the phone, but since we started the pod it’s hit overdrive. If anything, we have became much closer and are in constant contact with little ideas and we have loads in the pipeline for the happy hour pod,” the lads said.

The Happy Hour pod delves into an array of topics. It could be from football to Mental Health or even just general discussion. One thing that the two lads are always is honest.

“We are two simple men who will give an unfiltered and sometimes raw approach and view on anything and everything. From football to dilemmas or anything else the listeners want to know or have discussed. We pride ourselves on being able to talk about anything and not have to bite our tongues and give an honest up front opinion on matters.”

Kennett mentioned earlier that this is just the beginning of their podcast venture. They have some plans in the pipeline:

“We are hoping to get guests on. We have sent Niall Horan a voice note, but as of yet, there has been no response to that, so we may have to start local with our guests. We do aim to try our hand at a live show in the future in some form of local establishment, but we haven’t really set our sights on anything. We are just really happy to have a solid contingent of people tuning in each week to support us and we hope that we are providing some measure of enjoyment when they tune in,” they said.

Given that there are plenty of podcasts now readily available online, we posed the question to Darren and Kennett. Why should listeners tune in to yours?

“If you enjoy an unfiltered and honest approach to anything that may pop up, you can be sure to find it here with us. If you don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy a good laugh at those daily incidents life can throw at you, we are your men,” they said.

To follow their journey, you can follow their Instagram page at The Happy Hour Podcast with C and D.

The podcast can be listened to on Spotify and many other major podcast sites.

Wexford Weekly
Wexford Weekly

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