Watch: David Dunne Defies All Odds At Wexford’s Fittest Superstars Event

Wexford’s Fittest Superstars is currently underway in Whites Hotel and the annual event, hosted this year by Tipperary duo ‘The Two Johnnies’ has already displayed some remarkable and hilarious moments. 

One remarkable event occurred during the ‘Hang Tough Test’, also known as a ‘dead-hang’ in the world of fitness.

Simply put, this involves hanging from a bar for as long as possible, with the average person being able to endure it for about 75-80 seconds before they crumble and let go of the bar.

At festivals and other various functions, there is often a similar ‘horizontal bar’ placed somewhere, and if you manage to hold on for two minutes straight, you’ll win a fixed cash prize, a prize normally between 50-100 euro.

However, at Wexford’s Fittest Superstars this evening, Wexford Senior player and Davidstown-Cortnacuddy hurler David Dunne has managed to hold on to the bar for an absolutely mesmerising 4 minutes and 38 seconds (278 seconds) and absolutely crushed his competition.

If you don’t believe us, check out the video below where you can see the clock on the top of the image with Davy Fitzgerald encouraging him to continue.

To further put this into context, on the night Lee Chin fell from the bar at 1:35 (95 seconds)…


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