Davy Fitz on Future: “The Players Have Asked Me To Stay On..”

It’s been two years since Davy Fitzgerald took over the reins as Wexford Senior Hurling manager…

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Following Wexford’s loss to Clare in this year’s All-Ireland Quarter-Final, South East Radio’s Liam Spratt asked Davy would he be staying on as Wexford manager, to which he replied:

“”Jesus Christ, I’m only off the field twenty minutes. I’m just tired, all I can tell you is that I absolutely adore these guys so much.”

Now, speaking of his future to the Wexford People, Fitzgerald stated:

“Look, on my own future, the players have asked me to stay on. It’s a long journey, a huge commitment, a six to seven hour round trip. It has not been easy, but I will be taking everything on board”

“We have made lots of progress, but I’m not in a position to give an answer on my future. The players want me to stay but the answer is for another day.”

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