The Top 10 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Wexford

Situated in the Sunny South East of Ireland, Wexford is one of the world’s hidden gems. If you’re here for an evening, a weekend, or even if you’re living here, we’d recommend that you do these things or go to these places in Wexford if you have a chance..


10 – Wexford Lavender Farm

Even though it only opened in 2014, Wexford’s Lavender Farm seems to be a hit with those from afar and near. Located in Inch just outside of Gorey, a visit in the summer during the months of June or July is recommended to see the full beauties that this four-acre purple lavender farm has to offer. This is definitely recommended as a place to visit in Wexford.


9 – Ferns Castle:

Ferns Castle was built in the 13th Century. The small village located between Gorey and Enniscorthy holds vast historical significance to Wexford, Leinster and Ireland as a whole. The castle was originally square-shaped, but it was destroyed by English oppressor, Oliver Cromwell, during the 17th Century. The ruins of the castle still remain. A free tour of the castle is also offered during selected times of the year.


8 – Vinegar Hill:

Another one for the history nuts is a trek up Vinegar Hill. Located in the heart of Enniscorthy, Vinegar Hill is a historic fighting ground of the 1798 rebellion. The battle of Vinegar Hill was a turning point in the 1798 rebellion, as the United Irishmen stood their ground and fought off over 13,000 British troops.


7 – Johnstown Castle:

Situated just outside of Wexford, Johnstown Castle and Gardens is an ideal place to bring all the family for a day out. The castle was built was the Esmonde family in 1169. Beautiful green gardens surround the house, while there are also some magnificient walking trails and a lake. If you were ever looking for a perfect place for a picnic, you’d be doing well to find one better than Johnstown Castle.


6 – Mount Leinster:

Located just a short drive from the town of Bunclody, Mount Leinster is certainly worth doing if you’re in Wexford. You can drive around the mountain, which showcases some beautiful views of both Carlow and Wexford. If you’re a more active type, you can ‘climb’ up the pathed mountain. Prepare for a walk though, beacause it’s the fifth-highest mountain in Leinster, coming in at 796 metres high.


5 – Loftus Hall

Looking for some sort of thrill? Well then you should consider making a trip to Loftus Hall. Loftus Hall is near Hook Head’s Lighthouse, so both could be completed in tandem with each other. Loftus Hall is Ireland’s most haunted house and stands alone amongst a long road and a bleak landscape. If you didn’t know the house and you were just driving by, you’d still notice that it’s odd looking – and even scary looking, as it just stands there mysteriously and alone.

There’s also an option to go inside and explore the house for an added thrill. It was built by the Norman family Raymond Le Gros, who changed their name to ‘Redmond’ to adapt to the Irish heritage. During the Cromwellian conquest (yes, him again!), the Redmonds were forced to give the house to English planters with the surname ‘Loftus’.

The legend says that a man visited a young girl in the house named Anne Tottenham. They were playing a card game and the man dropped the card, and when Anne went to retrieve it off of the floor, she noticed that the man had cloven hooves instead of feet. It was then when the man shot through the roof in balls of flame, now considered to be the devil’s presence. Anne never recovered and went into a state of shock, dying a few years later. Despite exorcists coming to the house, throughout the years many servants stated that they have seen Anne wondering throughout the house.

To this day, the story continues to be recounted – and people who visit, always highlight the eerie athmosphere of the rooms, the feelings of unease, and even report sightings or hearings of their own.


4 – Crab Fishing at Cahore

Are you looking for something unique? Have you ever tried crab fishing? Yes, that is a thing! If you don’t believe us, then you should head to the pier in Cahore because you’re bound to see people there doing it. The rumour has it that the grabs give themselves up easily and in return, they get juicy strips of bacon before they are returned to the sea.


3 – The Beaches:

Wexford is situated on Ireland’s coastline. That means that there’s a host of beautiful beaches where you can pass an evening, go for a summer swim, bring the dog for a walk, or just relax and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

The beach in Curracloe beach is renowned as one of the best in Wexford. Other remote beaches such as Old Bawn, Morriscastle, Carnivan, and Ballymoney are all equally beautiful.


2 – Hook Lighthouse:

The home of Ireland’s longest running lighthouse with enthralling views from the Hook Peninsula. It is the second-oldest running lighthouse in the world. At the time of writing, the current structure has stood for 848 years. The hook head to slade walk is also recommended after touring the lighthouse.


1 – Wexford hurling match at Wexford Park:

Perhaps we are a bit biased here as we primarily are a sports site. But, have a look at the calendar and check if the Wexford Senior hurling team are playing during your stay in Wexford. If so, soaking up the unique atmosphere of the Wexford hurling supporters, who are known as the Yellowbellies, is definitely recommended.

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