We Now Know The Number Of Tests Carried Out At Wexford’s Covid-19 Test Centre

Despite the decrease in cases nationwide, the coronavirus is still here..

At yesterday’s press briefing, Ireland’s Department of Health confirmed that another two cases of coronavirus were registered in Wexford in the past 24 hours.

The county’s new figures are 216.

When the coronavirus hit Ireland, test centres were erected across the nation. One test centre to be temporarily built was the Whitemill test centre in Wexford.

There was some speculation about the number of people tested there and some people believed that the lack of testing in Wexford, was resulting in Wexford having one of the lowest numbers of Coronavirus nationwide.

The HSE has now revealed that 2,211 tests for coronavirus have been completed at the Whitemill Covid-19 Test Centre since it’s opening on March 23rd, which is 78 days ago at the time of writing.

The HSE also noted that testing was not limited to this test centre, as the HSE have been rolling out tests in nursing homes, mental health practices, and other high-risk areas throughout the county.

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