Watch: Did You See The Tornado Near Enniscorthy On Tuesday?

We were sent a video just before lunchtime on Tuesday, but we now must apologise…

We looked at the video briefly, assuming it was yet another random video sent into Wexford Weekly’s Facebook messenger.

However, that wasn’t the case.

Quite bizarrely, it has now emerged that it was actually exclusive mobile-phone footage of a tornado near the Enniscorthy area.

Watch the camera footage below, which is looking out towards the Bollavogue area from The Harrow. The footage was from approximately 12 noon, Tuesday 17 June.

Thank you to Mark Ellis for the submission.

Unfortunately, later that evening at approximately 8:30pm, some businesses throughout Enniscorthy were hit with some flash floods. A video surfaced showcasing the extent of the floods on some of the businesses.

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