These Proposed Plans For Courtown’s Development Look Incredible

New plans have now been released to the general public…

Development is currently underway in Courtown, County Wexford.

A new social media page ‘Courtown Revival’ has been created to support the development and revival of one of the county’s tourist hot-spots.

According to their website, “the Courtown Revival Project is a collaboration between local entrepreneurs and your elected representatives with a vision for Courtown’s future.”

Some North Wexford County Councillors, including Fionntain O’Suillibhain and Andrew Bolger, have noted although they are aware of the project and its promotion through various media channels, they have no involvement in it.

The local people are in the dark over these plans, but despite that, there’s still an excitement about the proposed plans. Clearly, a lot of time and planning has been placed into this ambitious project which seeks to revive the village of Courtown.

“With plans that include a seaside hotel, a new town center, retail and dining spaces, and a boulevard for all to enjoy, the Revival Team are passionate about bringing new energy and prosperity to our community,” the team, which are unknown to Wexford Weekly, has stated.

Some pictures of the plans were released today to their social media channels:

Videos have also been released which make for interesting viewing. Various other videos were uploaded to YouTube and then to their website by Daniel O’Loughlin. O’Loughlin is a Director of a Courtown-based company called ‘Ibarex’.

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4 Replies to “These Proposed Plans For Courtown’s Development Look Incredible”

  1. New Hotel should be rebuilt on existing site, could be so beautiful in the centre of the village, Barbara Cunningham

  2. Definitely should build a new Hotel This will bring much needed Growth, Tourism and Jobs to a once booming Holiday Hot Spot in the South East. This would have a much needed positive knock on effect to Local Industry and Businesses. Apartments would not generate the same growth.

  3. I don’t understand why so much space is given to parking at the front of the building. Who wants to see the place littered with cars?

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