Wexford Racecourse Manager Describes Recent Break-Ins As Soul Destroying

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour..

During a time when the Wexford Racecourse are feeling the brunt of Covid-19 and a resulting lack of attendees at the horse-racing events, it’s hard to fathom that some people would decide to vandalise and rob the grounds.

Speaking to the Racing Post recently, Eddie Scally, the manager of the Wexford Racecourse, has described recent events as “soul destroying”.

Initially, anti-social behaviour had been taking place on the grounds. However, recently, the Racecouse was more significant and major blows after repeated strikes by thefts and vandals.

“The last three incidents in particular have been worse. They broke into our raceday snack room, where we feed the jockeys, and stole an industrial Burco Boiler, which would be next to impossible to move on unless you were selling it to somebody in the catering industry. They then turned on the taps they were plumbed to as they left, so they could flood the whole room.”

“It was both malicious and theft at the same time,” Scally said to the Racing Post.

A number of weeks later, the Wexford Racecourse was broken into again. This time, the thieves damaged the property and then robbed large flat-screen TV’s from the walls:

 “Three or four weeks later, they broke into another area and took steel frames off walls, as well as stealing four 55-inch televisions, one of which was dropped on the way out and smashed. There was some blood after they cut their arms through the glass.”

A significant cost has built up over time for the loss of property and the vandalism.

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