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Sister of Wexford woman who died asks anti-vaxxers to stop using her image

A sister of a Wexford woman who died have asked the anti-vaxxers to stop using her image…

The image of the recently-deceased Nicole Cahill has been used widely across social media channels by anti-vaxxers to condemn the Covid-19 vaccination.

“Nicole should be remembered for the lovely person she was, but instead her face is splashed across social media in an anti-vaccine campaign,” her sister Deb stated to Joe Duffy’s Live Line RTE show.

Nicole Cahill, from Enniscorthy in Wexford, passed away in March 2021, aged just 22.

Nicole’s family have highlighted that she had many health problems for several years, but her family have said that anti-vaxxers are wrongfully linking her death to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“It is disgraceful that people who knew nothing and know nothing about Nicole feel that its ok to exploit her for use as an anti vaxxer,” Deb also stated.

It is a sad time when people have to resort to spreading misinformation like this when a family are trying to grieve over the loss of their loved one.

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