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Wexford Weekly To Release Free eBook Showcasing Wexford’s ‘Best’

At Wexford Weekly, we’re always at something and now, we’re releasing an eBook…

And the best of all, it’s free to the public!

Remember all the voting you did last summer as part of the ‘Wexford Weekly – Wexford’s Best’ campaign?

We’ll, we’ve just went ahead and created a little eBook which has compiled all of that community-driven information.

We’re hoping to release this to the public next week, FREE of charge in a nice handy little pdf. The eBook compiles the best of everything from across Wexford; from its beaches, to its pubs, to the best places to get a 99. Wexford Weekly owner Jason Redmond has compiled the articles following public votes.

While the information is now readily available online via our website, it is not compactly compiled as nice as this into a pdf.

If any businesses out there would like to jump on board and sponsor a full page, a half-page, or a section of a page, then just message us now or email us at To sponsor a page or take out an ad on the eBook, we’re encouraging you to get in contact with us by Jan 6th 2022.

We’re confident that this will be a handy little resource for years to come.

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