New Buyers Reveal Loftus Hall To Be Turned Into Luxurious Hotel

Loftus Hall is to be turned into a hotel…

Up until recently, little was known about the new buyers of Loftus Hall, despite it being purchased at an auction held by John Keane auctioneers almost one year ago.

The Irish Times has reported that the new buyers are a group called Oakmount, under Paddy McKillen Jr and Matt Ryan.

As per The Irish Times article, the new owners plan to turn Loftus Hall into a “luxury destination hotel.”

It is reported that the owners plan to invest heavily into Loftus Hall, with an approximately €7m investment over the next six years.

That follows an investment into the property from previous owners, Shane and Aidan Quigley, who sold the property in 2021.

Loftus Hall, which is located near Hook Head in Wexford, could prove a popular choice for a hotel. With its history and its past, it would be a unique place to stay. And due to its location near the world’s oldest operating lighthouse, Hook Lighthouse, it would be an ideal place to stay for many tourists travelling to see it.

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