Poll To Decide Which Retro Wexford GAA Jersey Is Produced Next

A poll will decide which retro Wexford GAA jersey is produced next…

The retro Wexford GAA jerseys have been a hit on Órga Retrowear. The remake of the Wexford 1996 jersey has been a hit. Each time the jersey has gone on sale on their site, it has sold out in record times. It remains the best-selling jersey on Órga Retrowear’s website.

Likewise, the Wexford 1970s-1980s jersey is a popular choice of many GAA fans. Worn by the likes of Tony Doran and Ned Buggy, the jersey brings back a lot of happy memories for Wexford hurling supporters.

Now, the time has come for Órga Retrowear to produce their next Wexford GAA jersey. Interestingly, they are leaving this one up to the fans to decide.

They’ll be producing either the 1968 Wexford GAA jersey or the 1987 Wexford GAA jersey and they are asking for your help. Either way, it looks like Wexford GAA fans and GAA fans, in general, will be the real winners as both jerseys do look the part.

The Irish-owned business is running a poll to decide which retro Wexford GAA jersey will be produced next.

1968 jersey
1987 jersey

Cast your vote:

Órga Retrowear's next Wexford GAA jersey?

Órga Retrowear's next Wexford GAA jersey?

For those interested, both the 1970s Wexford jersey and the Wexford 1996 jersey, the last time that they won the All-Ireland Senior hurling championship, are back on sale on Órga Retrowear right now, with prices starting at just €34.99.

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