Our Wexford Senior Hurling Club Championship Team Of The Year

The Wexford Senior hurling club championship is over, so it feels like the perfect time to decide on the best team of the championship…

On the Wexford Weekly Senior hurling team of the championship, seven different clubs are represented. The clubs teams represented on our team of the year include Ferns, Shelmaliers, Rapparees, St Martins, St Annes, Naomh Eanna, and Rathnure.

As expected, county finalists Ferns St-Aidans and St Martins make up the bulk of the players, with five from county championship winners Ferns and four from runners-up St Martins.

Wexford Weekly XV – Wex Club SH TOTY

1 – James Lawlor (Ferns)

2 – Simon Donohoe (Shelmaliers)

3 – Liam Ryan (Rapparees)

4 – Patrick Breen (Ferns)

5 – Joe Barret (St Matins)

6 – Conor Firman (St Martins)

7 – Cathal Stokes (Naomh Eanna)

8 – Jack Doran (Naomh Eanna)

9 – Ian Byrne (Ferns)

10 – Johnny Dwyer (Ferns)

11 – Jack Redmond (Rathnure)

12 – Joe Coleman (St Martins)

13 – Paul Morris (Ferns)

14 – Kyle Firman (St Martins)

15 – Liam Óg McGovern (St Annes)

To be fair, this is a starting team that is always going to cause controversy as it’s almost impossible to keep everyone happy.

In attack, the likes of Corey Byrne Dubnar, Oisin Pepper, and Conor McDonald should all feel somewhat hard-done by. Byrne was one of the young shining lights of the championship, Pepper proved a real menace, and Gorey’s McDonald scored a cracking 5-12 from play in this year’s championship.

The likes of Bob Whitty and Rowan White proved influential in some of their club games, but perhaps the fact that they did not go as far in the Wexford SHC, meant that they did not feature on this team.

We’re sure we’ve opened up a can of worms with this discussion. Who, do you think, should have featured on the team? Who did we miss out on? What would you change? Make sure to engage in the comments section on our social media channels.

Jason Redmond
Jason Redmond

From Gorey, Jason is the owner of Wexford Weekly. He is also a post-primary English and History teacher.

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