What’s behind the growing amount of mobile gamers in Wexford and the rest of Ireland?

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Unless you’ve been in hiding for a while, then you’ll be fully aware of the dramatically improved smartphone devices we all have access to in 2022. Not only can modern-day phones enable us to stream sport or find love, but they can also house the array of sophisticated games that are being enjoyed by millions of gamers in Ireland.

From Wexford to Waterford, Irish citizens are discovering the benefits of mobile gaming on a daily basis. It’s not just in Ireland that mobile games are being explored more frequently, too. In fact, games account for 43% of all smartphone use, with the active number of mobile gamers worldwide at over 2.2 billion at the time of writing. 

For some, mobile gaming is, therefore, their primary entertainment option that is being explored, while others are struggling to understand the appeal of it. With that in mind, what is behind the growing amount of mobile gamers in Ireland, and why are more and more of us discovering mobile gaming? Let’s take a look below.

A portable entertainment opportunity 

One of the main reasons why people are now utilising the gaming opportunities that are available on a smartphone device is because they’re easy to explore and experience. For example, console gaming requires an indoor setup, whereas mobile gaming can be enjoyed on the go while a mobile gamer is out and about. From Microgaming’s casino games, such as Immortal Romance and All Win FC, to downloadable console-quality games, like Grand Theft Auto V and PUBG Mobile, smartphone titles can be played anywhere and are typically designed to be picked up and put down throughout the day.

As such, mobile gaming’s casual package appeals to people who aren’t typically gamers. Console and PC gaming, on the other hand, requires the time and attention that many people don’t have. The fact that people have a convenient gaming opportunity that is immediately accessible and doesn’t require the skill and dedication of other gaming platforms means that mobile gaming has never been so attractive.

New and improved games

Thanks to the continued advancements being made in smartphone devices, the games in which they can house are also breaking new ground. We’re now seeing the emergence of the aforementioned console-quality games, there are virtual reality products that can be improved further with the addition of a VR headset, and there are even augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, and an all-round more diverse collection of releases for mobile gamers to tuck into. As a result of mobile gaming’s expanding catalogue of products, there is something for everyone on both iOS and Android devices.

Games can be improved further with the addition of a joystick also. Put simply, the gaming possibilities have never been so comprehensive on a smartphone device. The days of Snake on an old Nokia phone that resembled a brick have certainly gone.

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A cheaper gaming option

Alongside the portability aspect of mobile gaming and the dramatically improved games people can dive into has come the cost aspect of it also. With most mobile games being free-to-play releases, it’s a cheaper gaming option compared to purchasing a hugely expensive PlayStation 5 console, for example. Mobile games are either completely free or relatively cheap, with some games offering in-app purchases.

Even still, many potential costs are optional and aren’t forced on gamers. As such, particularly given the rising cost of living at the moment, mobile gaming is an enticing opportunity many smartphone users are struggling to turn down. Not only is it fun and entertaining, but it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to enjoy either.

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