Recently Opened Jacks Coffee Shop In Gorey Off To Extraordinary Positive Start

There’s nothing better than a nice coffee…

It’s all the rage now. While a cup of coffee in the morning, or at a break from work isn’t a new thing, it has definitely became more of a norm in recent years. People are willing to spend their cash on getting a coffee that hits just right.

That seems to be the case for the newly-opened Jacks Coffee too.

Jacks Coffee is the brainchild of Daniel Rahman. While the name ‘Daniel Rahman’ may not ring any bells, you have probably heard of ‘Fika by Daniel’.

‘Fika by Daniel’ opened during the Covid-19 lockdown as a small coffee trailer based on the Courtown Road, near PTX Tyres. Testament to their delicious coffee, their coffee hut was voted Wexford’s best coffee in a audience-led poll ran by Wexford Weekly in 2021.

Since then, another Fika By Daniel coffee trailer has been purchased, with his second one mainly focussing on events.

While coffee trailers are cost-effective and portable, in December 2022, Daniel decided to open up his own permanent coffee shop in the heart of Gorey town, namely, Jacks Coffee.

Jacks Coffee is located in 18 Thomas Street in Gorey, near Boylesports, The Fowler Pub, and the busy Gorey main street bus stop. Just like with Fika by Daniel, Jacks Coffee also specialises in small batch, micro-roasted, locally sourced coffee.

The name itself was an interesting choice. Surely Dan’s Coffee could have been fitting, but Jack’s Coffee makes sense too. Inspiration for the name came from the birth of his youngest son, Jack.

Their new premises is an ideal location for people hopping onto the bus and starting their outward journey from Gorey.

“I spotted a fantastic opportunity to pursue it on a great location on Thomas Street. It’s an unknown street in Gorey, but it’s 20 metres from the busiest bus stop in the county and on the northbound to Dublin,” he told Wexford Weekly.

Obviously, the main attraction to Jacks Coffee is their delicious coffee. Owner Daniel prides himself on only distributing the best coffee to his customers.

Another one of the major attractions for Jacks Coffee at the moment is their opening times. Whereas many good coffee shops open at 8am or 9am or even later in some premises, Jacks Coffee in Gorey opens at 5:30am on weekdays.

“I’ve always been an early morning riser, and I wanted to be the earliest speciality coffee in the country,” Daniel said.

A result of their earlier opening hours means that they get commuters from Gorey, people hopping on the bus, or even people going to the gym early in the morning before the rush.

For customers, commuters, and coffee lovers, it’s great too. No longer do coffee enthusiasts have to line up at a petrol garage or in a random store and click a button of a machine to eventually get a mediocre coffee; instead, they can get a freshly-brewed coffee straight into their hands from one of the staff working at Jacks Coffee.

Speaking to Wexford Weekly, Daniel stated that the reaction to Jacks Coffee on Thomas Street has been brilliant:

“Reactions from the customers to date has been extraordinarily positive which major footfall coming through the door daily,” he said.

While coffee is obviously important, like with any good coffee shop, they offer an array of pastries and treats for those with a sweet tooth.

Although the goal for Jacks Coffee remains at coffee for the moment, Daniel is also looking ahead to the future, with even bigger plans to announce at a later date.

“The plans long term for Jacks Coffee is to target swimmers and gym goers and still drive the business toward the early morning workers and commuters. I have a project lined up later in the year, which I’ll be working on. And I will announce that at a later date. This project has no connection to coffee, but is looking like it’ll be a fun year ahead,” he said.

Jacks Coffee is open:
Monday- Friday (5.30am-2.30pm)
Saturday-Sunday (8am-2.30pm)

Wexford Weekly
Wexford Weekly

This article was published by a member of the Wexford Weekly team.

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