Oylegate Hurling Manager Thinks Playing Damien Reck Against Dublin Could Be A Risk

There’s a lot of excitement building ahead of the next round of the Leinster Hurling Championship…

Wexford will play Dublin in Croke Park this Saturday and both teams need a win to keep their Leinster Championship hopes alive.

One player that has not featured in the Leinster Championship this year is Oylegate-Glenbrien’s, Damien Reck.

Reck has been one of Wexford’s best players in recent years and he has been a revelation for the Wexford defence since his move to the centre-back position.

Former Wexford hurler, and current Oylegate-Glenbrien manager, Des Mythen was one of guests on the Wexford Hurling Podcast this week.

It has been reported by the Wexford People that Damien Reck is “expected to return” and could feature this weekend against the Dubs. Despite this, speaking to the Wexford Hurling Podcast, Mythen said that playing Damien Reck could be a bit of a risk:

“I think it’s a mixture of his butt and his hamstring issue. The only thing with Damien is, I would think that going into a Championship game after not playing for five or six weeks, is very risky in regards to being up to the pace of things. The other boys would have played two games and then going into a match in Croke Park.”

“It’s a serious risk in regards of injury reoccurrence, and not only that, but just being up to the pace of it,” Mythen said.

While Mythen stated that he believes playing him would be a risk, he did mention that Reck could be played as a sweeper, and that “if he’s fit, he’ll be on.”

It will be interesting to see whether or not Reck plays on Sunday. He was named on the panel last week against Antrim, but he was replaced before the match and he did not tog out. Instead, he was acting as an official bringing in hurls for the defenders.

Wexford Weekly
Wexford Weekly

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