Tom Dempsey Encourages Wexford Hurling Fans To Get Behind Team Against Kilkenny

Tom Dempsey is encouraging Wexford hurling supporters to get behind the team this weekend…

For Dempsey, there’s no other option. After Wexford’s dismal defeat to Westmeath on Sunday, the former 1996 All-Ireland hurling winner has called on Wexford supporters to rally behind their charges.

A loss to Kilkenny, coupled with an Antrim win over Westmeath, would see the Model County relegated to the Joe McDonagh Cup.

As mentioned in our post-match analysis piece, we noted that while Wexford fans can rightly feel aggrieved by the current circumstances, it’s not the time to be bitter with the Cats coming to town this weekend and with the potential of further regression, should the team be relegated to the Joe McDonagh.

Sharing his thoughts on Facebook, Tom Dempsey echoed similar sentiments and said:

“For this week we must all come together supporters, team, Management and create a unified momentum that will give this game our best shot. We are a proud hurling County and our history tells us that anything is achievable if we move together and that is on and off the field. I’m not trying to be annoyingly positive (as I’m often accused of), I’m just being practical in saying let everyone get behind this effort for the next 6 days and give it our best shot. We have no other choice. We can discuss what needs to be corrected next week and the week after, but for now let’s March in to the Park at the weekend as one.

Whatever you say about Wexford, we have a history of never giving up. The talent is there and let’s all put our shoulder to the wheel in an effort to show how proud a people we are. Everyone has a part to play. If that’s not enough, then so be it, but it’s our only option. Let’s meet this together,” Dempsey said.

Wexford’s Chairman, Micháel Martin, who responded to criticism of the Wexford Senior hurling team and Wexford GAA’s organisational set-up as a whole on South East Radio, has also encouraged the Wexford supporters to arrive in numbers this weekend.

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